Pastor’s Corner

Pastor John

Hello again from the Pastor’s desk. It is almost March on the calendar, and it seems, fingers crossed, that perhaps we have gotten through the majority of winter. It’s always dangerous to suggest that because sure as shootin’ a March snow will be bound to follow.
However, for my purposes, I’m looking forward to the coming months as we enter into this sacred time in the church year known as Lent, an observance on our Christian calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends six weeks later on Maundy Thursday, the night of the Lord’s supper during Holy Week before Easter Sunday. Simply put, Lent is our time of preparation for the journey to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
It is through prayer, fasting, changing course, and repentance that we walk this journey. In my Baptist upbringing, I can’t say that Lent was emphasized at all, partly due to the fact that the Catholics across the street made a big deal of it and that immediately brought some level of suspicion to our minds about being part of it.
I’m not sure that is the case anymore, at least I pray it isn’t. Lent is an important time in the life of the believer. It calls for much reflection and commitment to change … not easy qualities to pursue. Yet, as we walk together, looking at what lies ahead in our own spiritual journey, we give each other heart and hope to take the next step that God has in store for us. That wonderful African proverb hits the mark here:
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
The rubber meets the road when we actually put it in practice, showing up for each other when needed, walking together and telling our story to folks, providing hope and purpose. You and I are entering Boot Camp for the Soul, and heaven knows we need it. Let us journey together in this Lenten season and draw close to God, turning our hearts to Him.