Egg Making

Egg-making here is an all-volunteer effort that begins in early January and extends until Palm Sunday.  Eggs are made Mon.-Thurs. evenings and wrapped Wed.-Fri. mornings.

In the Fall of 1986, Rev. O.D.E. (Jim) Pottinger, his wife Barbara, and Lay Leader Bill Reesey traveled to Grace Church in Millersburg, PA, to observe the Easter egg project at that church.  The trio was convinced that making and selling candy eggs could help the church repay a bank loan and finance major repairs.  The Administrative Council agreed, and eg making began here ten weeks prior to Palm Sunday in 1987.  That first year the church had a profit of $4000 from the sale or peanut butter and coconut eggs.  Since then, the project has grown to become a significant portion of the church’s annual  income.  In 2017, a total of 46,195 eggs and 3,903 bags of chocolate-covered pretzels gave us a net income of $36,872.13.